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Default Kings Cross NXEC ticket machines and cross London tickets

On Feb 13, 10:17*pm, Matthew Dickinson
The National Express ticket machines at Kings Cross have been altered
to sell the correct versions of some tickets for journeys starting at
other London terminals. They now offer tickets via Waterloo or
Paddington with the U1 journey included. Tickets to Thameslink
destinations are available stating From St Pancras not via
Underground, and also to some SWT destinations stating via Wimbledon
not via Underground. I always thought that London Underground didn't
like National Rail selling tickets for journeys that started on the
tube. I also wonder why it's only Waterloo and Paddington that are

Why should they object to NR selling tickets as above when they sell
fair amount like Epping - Chelmsford for example ? I assume they get
usual amount of TOC commision ? Can LU ticket office sell railcard
discounted one day travelcards out of interest ? or are they only
available from NR station outlets