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On 26 Mar, 16:48, MIG wrote:

On 26 Mar, 15:10, "Paul Scott" wrote:

"Paul Scott" wrote:

"Boltar" wrote:

Is the passageway to Monument closed for some reason?

I read somewhere a few weeks ago that suggested nothing is actually
closed, its just that a couple of escalators are stopped for maintenance,
and are being used as fixed steps, which can be difficult for some people
to use. Hence the 'scare stories' are being used as a deterrent just to
keep the numbers of interchanging pax down compared to normal.

Which may have been true then, but obviously not from next week I see...

As ever, they give only directions rather than information. I still
can't work out whether they are encouraging people to avoid the
station because it's going to be difficult, or whether a number of
escalator-free passageways will actually be blocked.

Also, as has been hinted at, if you can't interchange between the
Central and the Northern, how can you enter or exit the Northern?
Will they close both the surface passageway between Lombard Street and
the main ticket office and the deep one via the spiral staircases?

I admire your sentiments, but I'm not convinced it'd really be wise to
follow your course of action. If LU in fact said that it is in fact a
sly back route between Bank and Monument then perhaps loads of
passengers would attempt to use it, leading to the possibility of
massive congestion and overcrowding on a route that simply didn't have
the capacity for all these people.

Perhaps this is just a case of wily passengers working out where the
holes in the system are so they can take advantage of them, whilst the
less inquisitive majority follow the official advice and thus don't
block up the whole station.

If all the shortcuts at stations around the Underground network were
made explicit then overall we'd be worse off. An element of herding is
necessary when dealing with the shear number of people that use the