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Default Tube Walking Project - Completed!

"Sir Benjamin Nunn" wrote in message

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On Monday I completed my six-month challenge to walk the entire London
Underground (above ground). I have walked the routes of all 12 tube
lines (I started before the East London line closed). The walking was
split of 54 days and the total length of my walking routes was 378.5
miles. That is only 7 miles per day on average so if you were willing
to up the miles per day it would be doable in much less time.

Fascinating stuff! I might have to try this myself, at least in part.

Where did you get your routes from? Some of them aren't quite right.

That's not the point, surely ? All the OP needed to do was to walk between
the stations. Whether the route he took, followed the exact line of the
tracks is irrelevant. As to do that in some cases he would probably have
needed to walk across private property, to go through peoples houses and
over their back fences etc.

If you want to be really picky, maybe he should instead have swum across
the Thames at the appropriate point, as well.

michael adams


For instance, on the W &C, you 'chose to cross the Thames at Southwark
Bridge as this is close to where the Waterloo & City line crosses the

However, the W&C doesn't really go this way (despite it's portrayal on the
diagrammatic map as such). It cross the river soon after leaving Waterloo,
and passes close to Blackfriars station on the North side of the river.