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Default Picadilly frequency LHR 4 & 5

On 13 Aug, 19:03, Paul Corfield wrote:
On 13 Aug 2008 16:36:56 GMT, "Michael R N Dolbear"

Paul Corfield wrote

This is fair enough too. The other issue though is whether you really
want to lug you and your belongings off at Hatton Cross and then back

again when in reality you might "waste" all of 8 minutes by staying

the train and going via T4. *Personally I'd prefer to stay put but


On a related question, the 555 from outside my home is routed Terminal
4, Hatton Cross, Heathrow Central Bus (terminates).

If I am arriving at Terminal 1 or 3 is it worthwhile to take the train
to Terminal 4 and catch the bus there (or the reverse when departing) ?

Why not simply go to Hatton Cross? *Going to T4 by train entails going
via Hatton Cross and changing plus the egress time via the terminal.
Seems a waste of time given the bus stops are right outside at Hatton X.

The tube isn't free, so would cost 1 (on oyster). Heathrow Connect
from T123 to T4 is free (I presume since the transfer of HEX)