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On Mar 25, 9:05*pm, "philip" wrote:
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On 25 Mar, 20:01, "John Salmon" wrote:

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Does anyone know if there are plans to change public transport next
Wednesday and Thursday when the Summit is in town. At work we
are being warned about probable disruption (I work in the City) from
demonstrations so I was wondering whether I will be even to get
there or not.

The latest TFL travel information bulletin - out today - identifies the
risk but says there are no advance plans available at this point.

But DLR are saying this:


Due to the G20 Summit at ExCeL London, the Metropolitan Police have
requested that a number of DLR stations are closed on Thursday 2 April.

The stations affected are Royal Victoria, Custom House for ExCeL and
Regent. Services will operate as normal on all routes, but will not stop
at the affected stations. Passengers are advised to use their nearest
alternative station.

Times and stations affected may be modified at short notice at Police
request. Please check before you travel.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Not at all surprised by that - the whole area around the Excel centre
is going to be 'locked down' to the max, and the DLR line in question
skirts the northern perimeter of the centre's grounds. There'll surely
be a heavy BTP presence on the DLR network then too.

Thanks for the info everyone. I think that the authorities may be expecting
things tp happen in the square mile as we are being warned not to wear
business attire, stagger our arival/departure times, not to leave the
building when we are here etc. and are advising us, if at all possible, to
avoid main line stations . Sounds like they are expecting some real s**t!

More likely that they are planning to dish some out and don't want too
many witnesses around.

For an idea of how accurate the reporting is likely to be, I'll never
forget May Day 2001, where I went home from chatting with some
pensioners in Trafalgar Square after the traditional march, which took
place in a cheearful carnival atmosphere, and then on the TV saw the
BBC attempting to describe a riot.

They had about ten seconds of someone being shoved outside a McDonalds
somewhere else in the country and put it on a continuous loop in the
background as they reported on the pleasant carnival I had just left.