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On 25 Mar, 22:58, MIG wrote:


Thanks for the info everyone. I think that the authorities may be
things tp happen in the square mile as we are being warned not to wear
business attire, stagger our arival/departure times, not to leave the
building when we are here etc. and are advising us, if at all possible,
avoid main line stations . Sounds like they are expecting some real

More likely that they are planning to dish some out and don't want too
many witnesses around.

Gosh, how cynical I was. I think that recent press stories show just
how badly it can affect the difficult work of the uniformed police
when people photograph or film them.

I see no problem about citizens using filming against those who would watch
THEIR every move.

The truth is the truth and works in both directions.

That said, provoking people (and they aren't just empty uniforms) and then
crying "foul" when they get a slap or a whack with a baton for it seems bit

If one HAS principles, one should be grown-up enough to accept the
consequences of venting them in a hostile way.

I was a right little sod at school; I broke rules I thought were stupid, I
walked where I shouldn't, I smoked when I shouldn't and I talked back to
teachers who were arrogant bullies.

I am THAT old that I got caned for it, or slippered, or punished in some
other way. But I didn't complain, I just keep being bolshie.

"Fight like the Devil, die like a gentleman."