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Default Modern Railways, June

On Mon, 15 Jun 2009 02:30:26 +0100, "Basil Jet"

Bill Hayles wrote:

In those days the same bus seemed to do the same duty every day. I
went to school on RT640 (JXC 448) which was always given the running
number DG36.

It sounds like they had way too many buses, if they were able to fit
maintenance around that.

There were times when it was another bus, but since routes 854 and 854a
didn't run on Sundays, that's when it could be maintained.

The only long absence I can remember is when it went for overhaul. When
it came back, it resumed its work, but how much of the original bus was
retained in the one returned (apart from the bonnet number) is anybody's

The 854 and 854a were my local routes, and I wrote to the Chief
Inspector at Dunton Green (Norman Gruber) to make sure RT640 was given
the duty on the very last day or operation of the 854 and 854a (30th
December 1966). I still have the letter, and when I applied for a job
at DG as a driver, Mr. Gruber was still the Chief Inspector and
remembered me well!

Bill Hayles