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Default Class 378s into service this week?

On Jul 7, 9:42*pm, Mizter T wrote:
On Jul 7, 8:56*pm, D7666 wrote:

On Jul 7, 7:59*pm, Paul Corfield wrote:

On the NLL / WLL? * I thought it was always planned that Euston -
Watford would see the 378s first?

There could be an argument that says something like if Euston Watford
is to get squadron 378 service first because it is more important
route, then it is the very place you do *not* do your initial in
service running.

If there is a hierarchy of LO routes, then the NLL would I think be a
"more important route" than Watford to Euston.

I too was under the impression that the new units would start off on
the Watford to Euston DC Line run, as a more gentle way of bringing
them into service. However there seems to be some suggestion of there
being an issue with the CCTV system of some sort - it's unclear
whether that problem is specifically related to running on DC Line, or
just a more general issue of some potential bugs with the units' CCTV
systems. Point being, the NLL and WLL are staying as guard and driver
operations at least for the moment, so any CCTV issues aren't show
stoppers. (My guess is that the push to go DOO on the NLL and WLL is a
fight that's being saved for another day.)

The latest gen is that the runs will all be in the NLL, apart from
three NLL & WLL turns - the 07:37 Stratford to Clapham Junction, the
08.53 CJ back to Stratford, and then in the evening the 18:39
Stratford to CJ. I am merely acting as a conduit for information from
elsewhere (see above), so of anyone is thinking of making a special
trip... well, to be blunt, I wouldn't make a special trip if I was you!

My understanding was that the 378s would initially be introduced onto
the Euston - Watford service to replace the 508s which should have
gone off-lease. Of course, any 313s released from the NLL/WLL services
can do that equally well. Another advantage of introduction on the DC
lines would be that the units would only need to run on one electric
system, but as mileage accumulation appears to mainly be happening on
AC power, this is probably irrelevant. Rescue of any failures might
well be easier on NLL/WLL routes as there'll be no 1972 stock in the