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Default Cops caught in free first class rail rap.

Roland Perry wrote on 11 October 2009 18:31:29 ...
In message , at 18:07:57 on
Sun, 11 Oct 2009, Bruce remarked:
Under the arrangement, officers can get to work free on all trains
from within 70 miles of London if they police the carriages.

Are they "policing the carriages" if they read their newspaper or
listen to their MP3 player? Or does that count as "undercover"

I wonder if MI5 officers get the same concession. Or is this just
another example of the police bullying their way into getting all
kinds of discounts and freebies?

Most off-duty police officers will intervene if something "kicks off" in
their vicinity.

.... which is far less likely to occur in first class, would you not
agree? How very convenient for them.
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