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Cast_Iron August 4th 03 02:03 PM

District line, High St Kensington/Earls Court

"PhilD" wrote in message
Distance information required!

I've had a look at the Quail diagram, and at, and both *appear* to me
to have a discrepancy.

As I understand it, the "mileage" (what is the correct term for metric
units?) counts up along the route through Monument, Victoria to Earl's
Court, then counts backwards around the western curve to High Street

From Earls Court, this gives:

Earls Court 46.27
High St Kensington 45.65 (and 50.97 on Circle line)

South of High St Kensington is a connection between the Circle and
District routes, and both sources of information give this as 45.34.
This clearly does not tie up with the Circle line scale, but appears
to me as though the figure should be greater than 45.65 (i.e.
somewhere between the High St Kensington and Earls Court figures) for
the District scale.

Therefore, it appears that either the junction distance is incorrect,
or High St Kensington's District distance is incorrect. There is, of
course, a third possibility, which is that something else happens
which I have not thought of!

Can anyone shed any light on what the correct situation is, please?

It may be that the numbering sequence follows two different "routes"

Bearing in mind that the Met built the line to South Ken it is possibly the
case that the distance for the Circle Line platforms at High Street are via
Baker Street. 0.0 being at Ongar.

Bear in mind also that the District previously had their own tracks from
Gloucester Road to High Street, known as Cromwell Curve.


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