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Dangerous superbugs found on LU
June 24th 17 10:05 PM
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Class 345 in service (Crossrail...
Apparently loads of enthusiasts knew in advance... us Usenauts seem to be out of the loop! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSts1YN3MPc
June 23rd 17 11:29 AM
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Piss up, brewery? Not on LUs CV.
You'd have thought by now that LU would have got its procedures for a signal failure down to a tee. Instead we get 15 min delays on the jubilee line. Just how hard is it to drive a train on manual through a section with presumably a faulty ATO transmitter? And more to the point why does it cause such delays? -- Spud
June 23rd 17 08:48 AM
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Crossrail 2 funding row
June 22nd 17 08:22 AM
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Watford, what for?
The Watford Met line extension impasse continues, with the blame for the budget mess now coalescing around Boris Johnson. It looks like he lumbered London with another Garden Bridge-style ill-thought out commitment for little benefit: https://www.londonreconnections.com/2017/tfl-confirm-gap-croxley-rail-link-funding/
June 21st 17 08:52 PM
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Tables on a D-Train
I see pictures have been posted of the interior of the first passenger-carrying D-Train. Who expected the interior to be better than the new Class 700s? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DC1UQUYXsAAQpQF?format=jpg&name=large
June 21st 17 04:02 PM
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36 more electric buses for London
http://www.metro-report.com/news/news-by-region/europe/single-view/view/byd-adl-to-supply-more-short-electric-buses-to-london.html RATP Dev London has selected a joint venture of Shenzhen-based BYD and Alexander Dennis as preferred bidder to supply 36 electric buses. The operator signed a memorandum of understanding with BYD on June 14 at the Guangdong Economic & Trade Co-operation Conference...
June 21st 17 07:53 AM
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Belle Isle junction
I took a few pictures of Belle Isle junction from a northbound GN train, which show that it has already acquired plenty of graffiti long before any service trains use the new tunnels: https://www.flickr.com/photos/recliner/34954092920/in/album-72157685025875056/lightbox/ I wondered if the black rubber panels between the tracks are there just while work continues, or if they will be there...
June 16th 17 12:40 PM
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FirstGroup safety bonuses withheld...
https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/business/firstgroup-chief-loses-bonus-after-tram-crash-prb5z0qjw The chief executive of Firstgroup has had his £723,415 annual bonus withheld because of the Croydon tram crash in which seven people died and 58 were injured. In its annual report, published yesterday, the company told shareholders that it would not be appropriate for Tim O’Toole, 61, to get...
June 15th 17 11:10 PM
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Cabrio underground tours
What a pity LU is very unlikely to offer a London equivalent of Berlin's popular open wagon U-Bahn tours: http://awesomeberlin.net/activities/subway-cabrio-tour/
June 13th 17 07:21 AM
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Wooden Bus Shelters
This is an advert currently being shown on UK telly. https://youtu.be/djlq_yb44AI?t=25s It looks like another wooden bus shelter, but it might be covered seating.
June 8th 17 12:27 PM
by Offramp
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Epping to Ongar QEII Beer Festival
http://eorailway.co.uk/events/real-ale/ 28th, 29th and 30th July 2017. Celebrating 60 years (apparently) since the Epping-North Weald-Ongar line first opened. Steam Trains, of course, but the poster in London Drinker shows what looks like an old solver Northern Line train - was it '68 stock? The price, whatever it is, includes heritage buses from Epping and Shenfield.
June 8th 17 12:15 PM
by Offramp
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Post Office Railway open from 28th July
June 8th 17 12:02 AM
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Tramlink seeking speed monitoring and...
From: http://www.metro-report.com/news/light-rail/single-view/view/tramlink-automated-tram-speed-monitoring-systems-sought.html UK: Transport for London has begun early market engagement for the potential retrofitting of automated vehicle speed monitoring and driver vigilance devices to the Tramlink light rail fleet. This follows a fatal accident on November 8 2016, when a tram travelling...
June 7th 17 07:39 AM
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London Bridge attacker joined London...
Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner Mark Rowley said the investigation into Butt had begun two years ago but "there was no intelligence to suggest that this attack was being planned and the investigation had been prioritised accordingly". Butt featured in a Channel 4 documentary last year about Islamist extremists with links to the jailed preacher Anjem Choudary. He had also worked...
June 5th 17 11:39 PM
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Richmond or Stratford?
Right now I'm on an Overground train that says Stratford on the front and Richmond on the side of the carriages. I boarded from platform 1 at Gospel Oak. This is exciting...
June 5th 17 08:03 PM
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London bus maps to end?
By chance I read a copy of the Evening Standard last week where a reader's letter lamented the fact that TfL were no longer printing bus maps. Can this be true? I can't see anything about it on the TfL web site, and if it's been mentioned here that has also passed me by. It seems a serious mistake - finding the right bus number to take without a map of them is going to be hard. The...
June 3rd 17 05:02 PM
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Hi all Any way to get hold of a .ai file of the tfl Map? I've searched google but to no avail Rhys
May 30th 17 06:24 PM
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Crossrail 2 hits the buffers
Not in Tory manifesto. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2017/may/29/crossrail-2-hits-buffers-uncertainties-brexit-election-london#comment-99392666
May 29th 17 10:14 PM
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Crossrail / Elizabeth line
Does anyone know when the crossrail trains will be in service on TFL Rail? Thanks
May 29th 17 07:02 PM
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SWT timetable book is no more?
Apparently SWT have not printed one because they lost the franchise. Who knows if the new owner will resume the practice... I suspect not. Or if they do, it might have a cost, like the GWR one.
May 29th 17 03:11 PM
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BA IT collapse -- what effect on ttains?
http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/05/27/british-airways-chaos-computer-systems-crash-across-world-causing/ I'm certainly glad I wasn't flying today! All was smooth when I flew out from Heathrow on Wednesday, and I hope it will be back to normal on Friday. But I wonder what effect it's had on trains serving Heathrow and Gatwick?
May 27th 17 03:26 PM
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New London & The South East (London...
The cover is lilac. The only differences I've spotted are obeli added to various Waterloo served stations, and Cambridge North. There is no indication that there are hardly any trains serving both Cambridge North and Waterbeach, which somewhat defeats the point of a map at all. I just noticed that the Thames is on the wrong place on the front cover, showing a swathe of London south of the...
May 26th 17 12:36 PM
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95 stock refurb
A jubilee train I was on this morning had had an interior refresh. New flooring, grey grab handles and a deep clean by the looks of it. Is this going to be done to the whole fleet as a mid life refurb or is it just on an ad hoc basis? -- Spud
May 25th 17 08:45 AM
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East Thames views
Most people are very familiar with the Thames in central London, but few venture east of Greenwich. Last Saturday I decided to see what I was missing, going on a guided boat trip down the river. It's an environment that's changing rapidly, with much of the old industrial landscape being replaced by colourful new buildings. I've uploaded a few...
May 23rd 17 03:22 PM
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Crossrail access to Heathrow still not...
https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/crossrail-hits-buffers-at-heathrow-jwrcctt60?shareToken=703895969b67292fe9096b3e8da8ef44 Extracts: The airport’s owners — a consortium of mostly foreign investment funds — want to recoup its past spending on the private train line with an “investment recovery charge” of £570 for every train that uses the track, plus extra fees of about £107 per...
May 21st 17 08:58 AM
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Two-thirds of DLR fleet to be replaced
As expected, TfL has started the procurement process to replace two-thirds of the DLR fleet (the B90, B92 and B2K sets), plus extra stock to increase services. The 43 new generation articulated trains, entering service from 2022, will be single 87m units, equivalent to three of the current two-section units (which is how most DLR trains runs...
May 17th 17 02:17 PM
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