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Wasted space in 313 cabs
The door to a middle cab compartment was open in our 313 this morning on GN. I'd never really notice quite how large the area is. It must be 8 or 9 feet deep with the actual driving position a little cupboard with a door. The rest of the space was empty. I realise the 313s were built a long time ago back when passenger numbers were probably much lower, but what was the thinking behind having so...
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Tramlink closures
In 2014 Tramlink was closed from 25th October between Mitcham Junction and Ampere Way for track doubling. In 2016, it was closed from 6th August between East Croydon and Sandilands. Does anyone have the dates that either of these services restarted? The actual ones, I mean, not the planned dates. In 2015 it was closed on 13th July between Dundonald Road and Wimbledon
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London Reconnections on the Crossrail...
As always, lots of interesting insights, and a few surprises: https://www.londonreconnections.com/2018/crossrail-a-hole-new-world/
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Map of Oyster Ticket Stops
can anybody get the map of Ticket stops to work? I have tried three different browsers and none of them are showing the overlays. and it isn't because there are no Ticket Stops in the vicinity, because the Underground station overlay isn't there either tim
by tim...
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Mind the gap in TfL's finances
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Study: Boris bikes don't deliver
Looks like another of Boris's grand projects isn't living up to the hype: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/boris-bikes-don-t-improve-health-or-reduce-pollution-nhmrv920k?shareToken=a484c26448c2c0d151bf2a5edc77b944
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Breaking news: Crossrail opening delayed
The central section of Crossrail will open about nine months late, next autumn, rather tanthis December: https://sports.yahoo.com/crossrail-delay-londons-15-billion-rail-scheme-misses-december-deadline-wont-open-next-autumn-091334772.html
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future of HeX, was Secret map
On Thu, 30 Aug 2018 20:44:02 -0000 (UTC) Recliner wrote: John Levine wrote: In article , Recliner wrote: I suspect very shortly after crossrail opens at heathrow Hex will be history. Maybe even a matter of months. I think it may survive as a faster, slightly more premium option, with
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Vicki 'all the stations' Pipe on Radio...
https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p06g3b9p Vicki is the 'Tuesday Guest' in the 3rd hour - long interview plus 6 records of her choice. She's from Norfolk originally. Good interview with most of the railway content later in the hour. Geoff and Vicki have a book out for Christmas about All the Stations and are planning an Irish tour in the future.
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Northern Line improvements
I use the Northern Line almost every day, almost always starting and eventually finishing at Tooting or Collier's Wood. During the day I could be working at either Bank or Charing X branches. Getting to and from these places has been much easier recently, with the closure of Kennington on the Bank branch and trains running to and from Morden via both Bank and Charing X. No more of that tiresome...
by Offramp
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ATO on Thameslink
ATO (Automated Train Operation) on Thameslink Three buttons sit on the driver's panel of Thameslink's Class 700 trains. After a brief stop in a new tunnel between Kings Cross and St Pancras, the driver of the 09:46 from Peterborough to Horsham presses the middle yellow button and the train starts to drive itself. The journey was the first on the UK's mainline rail network to use an ...
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Pointless messages on electronic...
Last night I was waiting for a GN train northbound at H&I. Train turned up but the information board was telling me about problems on gatwick express, as if anyone going north on GN will be heading for gatwick! Then it went on to mention problems on the tube. Fantastic. I didn't know if the Stevenage train in front of me would be stopping at my station (it normally doesn't), but by the time the...
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Route 88 changes; and some...
On Wednesday, 8 August 2018 18:26:21 UTC+1, Offramp wrote: That most nebulous of all bus routes, the 88, is to be changed again. The change is being made so as to annihilate the C2. The white-ish paper is at https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/buses/routes-c2-88/?cid=bus-c2-88-consultation and includes this comment: "Our Hopper fare means there is no longer a financial penalty for...
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Oyster Auto Top Up at Gatwick...
On Thu, Jul 26, 2018 at 04:39:19PM +0100, tim... wrote: wrote in message ... I was at Gatwick Aiport on Monday 23rd July and went to use my Oyster to take the train home. I have a Zone 1-3 annual travelcard on it, plus auto top up enabled. My balance on auto top up is ??13.55. When I touched my Oyster on the reader, it wouldn't let me through and
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Crossrail GBP590m over budget
https://www.constructionnews.co.uk/companies/clients/crossrail/crossrail-breaks-budget-by-590m/10033487.article -- Basil Jet - listening... NEU!. Naked Raygun. Nearly God. Negativland. Neil Finn. Neil Young. Neils Children. Neroche. Neutral Milk Hotel. New Musik. New Order. New York Dolls. Nick Drake. Nico. Nina Persson. Nina Simone. Nirvana. No. Noble Lake. Nobukazu Takemura. Noel...
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Siemens wins giant LU Tube train order
https://www.railmagazine.com/news/network/siemens-wins-94-train-deep-tube-order Well, well, well: Siemens has sharpened its pencil and beaten the Bombardier-Hitachi consortium to this giant order, that should eventually replace all the trains on four LU tube lines, starting with the Piccadilly. I must admit that I thought Bombardier-Hitachi would be the favourite to win this biggest-ever LU...
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Mr. Khan's Latest Environmental Venture.
I've just received an email from TfL announcing that Mr Khan will proceed with his scheme to clamp down on vehicle emissions in the area surrounded by the North and South Circular Roads. https://consultations.tfl.gov.uk/environment/air-quality-consultation-phase-3b/?cid=airquality-consultation I am a motorist, living in this zone and I hope I will not be affected adversely. To repeat a point I...
by Robin9
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Plug sockets on buses
I've just travelled on a bus route between Dartford and Gravesend run by Fastrack on the way out and Arriva Kent on the return and at the end of every pair of seats a plug socket was set into the side of the bus. Switched sockets on Fastrack and plain sockets on Arriva each with a small sticker - caution 240v supply. Nobody appeared to be taking advantage of this facility boiling kettles, making...
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Routemaster registrations
I'm from the era when the registration of a Routemaster and the stock number matched. For instance I seem to remember something along the lines WLT885 was RM (or was it RML) 885. But over the years, some Routemasters seem to have acquired new registrations. Now, I can understand that when sold on from LT they might have received new registrations but is it that simple and why did LT not...
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