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Yesterday 10:38 AM
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Uber faces fresh regulations from TfL...
Yesterday 09:53 AM
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Eva's Birthday Dinner
This is booked for Wednesday 21st February, 7.45pm at St Johns Restaurant 26 St. John Street, London, EC1M 4AY Nearest staion is Farringdon (Underground and Thameslink. See you there! Regards
February 12th 18 11:39 AM
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WWII bomb in river closes City airport
February 12th 18 05:14 AM
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Brent Cross West (Thameslink) station...
The railway press seems to have missed this completely. https://www.barnet.gov.uk/citizen-home/delivering-for-barnet/brent-cross-cricklewood/brent-cross-thameslink.html Four platforms - when was the last time a new station opened with four platforms? I think Cambridge North only has three. I'm guessing Luton Airport Parkway, and before that God knows when there was another.
February 6th 18 11:20 PM
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Haringey Heartlands
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haringey_Heartlands Mary Neuner Road opened in approx October 2009, but since then nothing much appears to have happened in the area. There are no properties accessed from the new road, and although it's a handy bypass when there is a traffic jam on Hornsey Park Road, I suspect the business case for the road would not stack up on that basis alone. The road...
February 6th 18 10:54 PM
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First LEVC TX London black cabs now...
In article -septem ber.org, (Recliner) wrote: Everyone regards it as an automatic. As I am part of "everyone" and i don't consider it an automatic, that statement is false. If it is an automatic, why does the user have to change gear?
February 2nd 18 03:02 PM
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Baker St post-Oxford St...
If Oxford Street became pedestrianised, would Baker Street become two-way for its entire length?
February 2nd 18 11:53 AM
by Offramp
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3D tube station maps
https://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2015/07/12/3d-maps-of-every- underground-station-ab/ Not new (or even up to date) but I hadn't seen it before. Also has useful info such as line depth below ground level of platforms (see discussions of Kings Cross and Fleet river, for example). -- Roland Perry
January 31st 18 11:21 AM
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Bus Timetables
I used to be able to download timetables exactly as they appear in the case on the bus stop pole - the times for a week summarised in a format such that the whole thing would fit on one side of an A4 page and could conveniently be folded and carried. Is this still possible? All I can find on the tfl website is "journey planners" and a list down one edge of the page giving all the times for one...
January 30th 18 07:45 PM
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Last days of the 172s on the...
On Thu, 25 Jan 2018 14:36:54 -0600 wrote: In article -september ..org, (Recliner) wrote: By your logic, TfL should have ordered more of the proven, in-service 313s, not the dangerously new-fangled 378s, when increasing the LO fleet. In fact, with modern manufacturing, especially where electronics are involved, technology can move on to the point where obsolete design
January 26th 18 09:47 AM
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Heathrow Hyperloop hype
Here's the latest hyperloop hype from CES, now proposed as a means of providing very fast links between Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, instead of a new runway: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2018/01/14/build-heathrow-gatwick-hyperloop-instead-third-runway-says-branson/ Extracts: His aspirations to send tourists into space have been notorious for setbacks, missed deadlines and broken...
January 15th 18 09:19 AM
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TfL to sell and lease-back Crossrail...
In the recent discussions here about why TfL was planning to sell and lease back an existing fleet, in order to finance the new Piccadilly line fleet, we all assumed it was one of the LU Underground fleets. This made little sense, to me at least, as bespoke Tube trains are of no value to anyone but LU (and the Island Line), and would therefore not attract leasing companies. The deal would...
January 14th 18 12:02 PM
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a new bus announcement
travelling on a 37 this morning, one of their new stock I was rather surprised to be told by the lady who tells us everything on buses, just as the door closed: "please hold on the bus is about to move" I thought most bus passengers understood that or is it not obvious enough since we havent quite perfected teleportation yet. -- Martin
January 12th 18 11:21 AM
by martin
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TfL Journey Planner glitch
Recently the above mentioned planner says it has many possibilities for the location of 'ChIJn64vdCYbdkgR7H5oc1XaUNU'. Is there anybody here who tell me how to clear this "address" out of the database. I've already deleted all TfL cookies to no avail. TIA MikeR
January 12th 18 10:18 AM
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Grayling survives after all
So, despite the quickly-withdrawn mistakenly tweeted announcement of a move to party chairman, Chris Grayling survives as Transport Secretary. Given May's inability to make further large reshuffles, he could be set to stay in that role for some time. That's probably good news for the third Heathrow runway, but not so good for TfL; Sadiq Khan and Grayling don't work well together, and perhaps...
January 8th 18 08:31 PM
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TfL rolling stock crisis
Silent Hunter wrote: On Thursday, 4 January 2018 04:41:12 UTC, Chris Date (CMPD) wrote: Anyone know if Cex buy second hand trains for cash? https://mobile.twitter.com/Cogbat/status/948552206986379264 So TfL are so hard up that they are having to "sale and lease back" an unspecified train fleet to generate £875m to pay for the new Picc Line trains. What a shambles -...
January 4th 18 11:13 PM
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London Bridge station photos
The bulk of the work on the totally rebuilt London Bridge station is now complete, though work on the all-important retail units continues, both in the arcade that connects the station concourse and the Tube station, and under the brick viaduct to the west of the station. The Thameslink platforms and track are complete, but TL trains are not yet serving the station, so their platforms are not...
January 4th 18 02:31 PM
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The Met to Watford Junction: Deadline...
An interesting article on the tangled history of this absurdly expensive project whose time has come, and probably gone, as its parliamentary approval is about to lapse, with no sign of the funding gap being filled: https://www.londonreconnections.com/2017/the-metropolitan-line-extension-deadline-day/
January 1st 18 10:20 PM
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Runaway bus crashes down stairs at...
The people who the bus misses by a few inches just carry on walking and don't even look behind them. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5211397/At-four-people-killed-bus-Moscow.html
December 26th 17 12:03 AM
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Coming to a stop
A request. Could northbound Jubilee line train drivers terminating at Wembley Park, please remain seated, observant and wait for the train to come to an absolute halt before gathering up their coats and things? I know it's an automated system, but ye have to give the public the impression that ye are actually in control of the train!! Whoops.
December 25th 17 01:45 PM
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TfL to make half of Berkshire...
"TfL announced earlier this month that it was taking over the running of 11 stations between Acton Main Line and Taplow from December 10." "The Elizabeth line is going to transform travel across the capital and it’s only right that every station will have step-free access." Are Londoners paying for improvements to Taplow and...
December 19th 17 03:10 PM
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Overhead wire in moorgate line stations
Anyone know why there's an overhead wire on the southbound of highbury station (and maybe others, I didn't check) on the moorgate line? Its obviously not some old catenary since the line was always 3rd/4th rail and its only hung from the ceiling by some thin wires anyway. Is it in case a pan is left up at Drayton?
December 7th 17 10:39 AM
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Routemaster registrations
I'm from the era when the registration of a Routemaster and the stock number matched. For instance I seem to remember something along the lines WLT885 was RM (or was it RML) 885. But over the years, some Routemasters seem to have acquired new registrations. Now, I can understand that when sold on from LT they might have received new registrations but is it that simple and why did LT not...
August 7th 09 05:32 PM
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