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Picc RATs
I had my first sighting of one of the two new 73TS RATs on Friday. The 3-car train didn't have any external identification, apart from paper signs on the doors saying it wasn't in passenger service. I assume this means they'll return to passenger service after the 2017 leaf fall season?
Today 02:04 AM
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Abbey Wood station
Rebuilt station to open (Southeastern platforms only) "October 2017" - has it opened yet?
Yesterday 01:26 AM
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Loading screen at Shoreditch
Roland Perry wrote: In message -sept ember.org, at 19:25:56 on Thu, 19 Oct 2017, Recliner remarked: Nevertheless - hurrah! And I assume that little problems like that will be fixed when the system is rolled out more widely. ...But surely if, in the future, trains consist of one long walkthru carriage, then the whole system will be defunct.
October 20th 17 05:15 PM
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Additional Jubilee and Northen trains...
http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-london-41572173 Transport for London (TfL) confirmed it was "temporarily pausing" plans to buy more Jubilee and Northern line trains. Improvements aimed to allow trains to run more frequently, TfL had said. London Assembly Conservatives said a budget shortfall had led to the pause. Leaders of the Aslef union said overcrowding would worsen and the delay...
October 11th 17 03:34 AM
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Waterloo eurostar platforms closed again
I guess using them for suburban services was just a brief interruption to normal service. It appears to be back to business as usual with the temporary entrance boarded up and nothing going on.
October 10th 17 12:38 PM
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Oxford to London commute
Hi all, I am new in here and I would like your opinion and help. I found a job in London while my wife got a position in Oxford and we were thinking of living in Oxford as it is slightly cheaper and I would commute daily to London. By reading other threads it seems that the most convenient way is to take the train but the annual ticket is ridiculously expensive (~5000£ !!!!!). The buses is...
October 10th 17 11:32 AM
by GeorgeK
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City Road station
I haven't had a good look, but I think they have completely demolished the surface building that's been there as long as I remember, and are building a new block, probably of flats. I imagine its function as an emergency exit has not been compromised, although I'm not certain.
October 9th 17 07:01 PM
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Crossrail transition
Another TfL paper - this time setting out progress for Crossrail and the preparations for running into Heathrow from next May and the wider preparation for start of Central London services in 14 months time. https://tfl.gov.uk/cdn/static/cms/documents/pic-20171013-agenda-item13.pdf You will note that several issues are now on critical paths with little flexibility to cope with delays. These...
October 9th 17 11:18 AM
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Crossrail 2 next steps
TfL have published a paper in which they set out the situation with Crossrail 2 and what they hope are the next steps. https://tfl.gov.uk/cdn/static/cms/documents/pic-20171013-agenda-item15.pdf As you can see from the paper the election knocked things sideways and the hopes are now on an announcement around budget time in terms of accepting the strategic business case. There are obvious issues...
October 9th 17 11:15 AM
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Extra trains for Overground
In case anyone is interested TfL have put forward a paper seeking authority to purchase 9 more Class 710 EMUs. 3 will be to 4 car configuration and 6 to 5 car configuration (a new variant for LO). https://tfl.gov.uk/cdn/static/cms/documents/pic-20171013-agenda-item11.pdf The plan is that 2 of the 4 cars are for the Barking Riverside service. The planned 1 unit on the Romford - Upminster line...
October 9th 17 11:07 AM
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Chiltern Railways' Suburban Logic
Is there any logic or consistent pattern to the way Chiltern Railways serves the London suburban stations on the route to High Wycombe? Marylebone Station feeds a minimal suburban network and a straightforward, all-station-stopping train once an hour would get the job done. Chiltern seems not to agree. Their method is to run trains to destinations way outside London and very occasionally...
October 9th 17 09:06 AM
by Robin9
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When Oyster touch-ins aren't touch-ins
As is normal, I made my monthly refund claim a few days ago for Oyster cock-ups. On Tuesday I entered Thornton Heath station and picked up the refund at the gate-line. I can see it on my journey history: 18:08 Oyster helpline refund, Thornton Heath then I got on a train, and touched out at the other end: ???? - 18:39 to Victoria (platforms 9-19)
October 6th 17 11:43 AM
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Lineside Signs on DLR and Jubilee Lines
Can anybody recommend any links to information about the lineside signs on the DLR as well as on the Jubilee Line? I have looked around, though cannot seem to find anything. Cheers.
October 3rd 17 01:48 PM
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Uber shut down in London
In article -september ..org, (Recliner) wrote: Roland Perry wrote: In message , at 09:49:01 on Thu, 28 Sep 2017, Robin9 remarked:
September 28th 17 11:06 PM
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Northern Line Battersea extension
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6RWMaAtTOY The tunnels have TWICE the cross section area of existing tube tunnels, to allow a walkway! It looks like the public can get into a raised viewing platform over the Battersea Power Station Station.
September 27th 17 07:01 AM
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Northumberland Park and Stratford -...
Northumberland Park level crossing has been permanently closed to road vehicles since July. I presume work on the third track has been going on, but I haven't seen anything specific yet.
September 25th 17 01:17 AM
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Bus services outside of London
I am intending to spend a week on the Norfolk coast. I can't drive so I was going to buy a weekly bus pass to travel along the coast. The trouble is that apparently if I buy a weekly Stagecoach Bus Pass I don't think I can use it on any other operator's buses. Or can I? Stagecoach is quite specific that its Megarider Pass is "valid for one weeks travel on Stagecoach services within Norfolk and...
September 23rd 17 11:50 AM
by Offramp
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RAIB: ... and all for the want of a...
Fascinating report on what could have been a deadly incident at Bank DLR. An alignment fault on a CCTV camera was noted but, by the split of responsibilities, the maintainer sent wasn't allowed to re-align the camera. An intending passenger wedged himself into the door of a train. This caused the doors to re-open. None of this was seen by the driver as for unproven reasons he decided not...
September 22nd 17 01:53 PM
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Uber shut down in London
TfL has concluded the ride-hailing app firm was not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-41358640
September 22nd 17 10:18 AM
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Why is the piccadilly line so slow?
Its got to the point where its just painful to use in the mornings and unsurprisingly the vast majority of people bail out at Finsbury and get on the victoria line putting added strain on that. Why is it so slow and so unreliable with frequent train gaps of 5 or 6 minutes the rush hour? Trains? Drivers? Signalling?
September 19th 17 08:44 AM
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675 bus route
Why is there no pictures on google of this route? its a bit suspicious. and who runs it??
September 18th 17 07:25 AM
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Watford to Hemel Hempstead for 9am...
Hi guys and girls, As per the title really, Im starting a new job in Hemel and travelling from Watford. Driving, and trying to find the least painful morning route. Will be going from WD17 to HP1, so central Watford to central Hemel. Google maps reckons either M1 or A41 (plus some backroads). A paltry 17/ 19 minutes either way on a Sunday evening, presumably significantly longer on a weekday...
September 17th 17 08:40 PM
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Explosion on district line
In article -septembe r.org, (Recliner) wrote: Graeme Wall wrote: On 16/09/2017 17:37, Recliner wrote: It took quite a while to be made public. Don't know how long footage is kept on modern CCTV but doubt it is more than week at the outside.
September 17th 17 03:56 PM
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Sunday Times: Britain's favourite...
Track stars: a celebration of Britain’s most spectacular railway stations Our long-neglected stations are finally getting the attention they deserve, says Simon Jenkins. Here are some of his favourites: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/track-stars-a-celebration-of-britains-most-spectacular-railway-stations-lj0bjt3w6?shareToken=5516dda42ca37101953c5acd87f6b9fc
September 17th 17 11:24 AM
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Highgate High Level
A London Inheritance A Private History of a Public City Highgate Station – A Hidden London Tour http://www.alondoninheritance.com/london-transport/highgate-station-a-hidden-london-tour/
September 17th 17 08:14 AM
by CJB
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Roland Perry wrote: In message , at 09:13:33 on Fri, 15 Sep 2017, Graeme Wall remarked: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41278545 Lithium battery inside something? Injuries cause by the panic, not the 'device'. It looks like it was a very-improvised explosive device that fortunately
September 15th 17 08:50 AM
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Explosion on district line
Looks like it could be an improvised device, or some builders chemicals that overheated. Hopefully the latter but seems unlikely to me. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41278545 -- Spud
September 15th 17 08:19 AM
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Hopper fare and two journeys lasting...
With Sadiq Khan’s ‘Hopper’ fare in effect, what should you do if the second journey takes you over the one hour limit? Will you have to go forward and touch your card again? -- jhk
September 13th 17 10:52 AM
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Last LUL ticket offices
New ticket machines have now been installed at Gunnersbury and Kew Gardens. They offer tickets to all National Rail stations (I tried Penzance and Wick), and tickets starting from other stations. The menu also had a grayed out button for ticket collection, and Oyster Travel card extensions outside the zones just led to a blank screen. At the moment, the ticket offices at Kew Gardens and...
September 12th 17 08:30 PM
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Go-Ahead profits hit by Southern strife
September 8th 17 01:40 PM
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