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Hammersmith Bridge
"Roads minister Baroness Vere, who heads the task force, told the meeting that a full repair of the bridge would take six and a half years, more than twice as long as previously feared. It also emerged that a ferry service to allow pedestrians to cross the Thames will not start operating until the...
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City Road station
I mentioned the demolition of the old station / fan shaft while Mr Corfield was alive. This video explains the final fate of the station. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbJF_LQTAxQ -- Basil Jet recently enjoyed listening to The Monochrome Set - 1979\02 - Peel
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With all the fuss being made, rightly, about the soon-to-depart 38TS on the Island Line, it occurred to me that SWR has another Birmingham-built fleet due to retire soon, probably with no home to go to. Like the class 483s, these trains are being retired for a second time, but their total life may only be a quarter as long. I think both classes were even built in the same former MCCW factory, in...
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Congestion charge to N/S Circular??????
https://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/sadiq-khan-and-shaun-bailey-rally-against-extension-of-congestion-charge-zone-a4571826.html Other media available As a disinterested party, I can't believe that anyone is seriously suggesting this The N/S Circular area isn't like the central area where everyone inside it is moderately well off, or lives in a bubble where they can walk/bus to...
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uk.railway - gone
Arthur Conan Doyle wrote: Or you could just use a different news server. Usenet is a distributed system and thankfully, Google does not control it, they just offer access. I was able to add uk.railway from astraweb and downloaded over 1m headers. Spam in unmoderated Usenet groups has been around since the beginning of time. The traditional way of dealing with it is a newsreader...
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Latest Crossrail Wild video
September update: https://youtu.be/VskRIl9wf-4
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L. B. Waltham Forest Plans for Rail In...
My local authority, Waltham Forest, have produced a leaflet with ideas for various schemes for developing the borough. The ideas are far more sensible than is normally the case with Waltham Forest Council.. One proposal which does strike me as eccentric is to build a new station in Leyton at Ruckholt Road on the line from Stratford to Tottenham Hale. First, the site is only a few minutes...
by Robin9
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What's happening here
https://goo.gl/maps/vsrHwfozntYeUxoG7 This is nowhere near the Crossrail alignment, BTW. -- Basil Jet recently enjoyed listening to Bongwater - 1989 - Too Much Sleep
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Drayton Park stock transfers
I've just bought a BR Kings Cross suburban lines WTT from 1971. It shows a path for stock transfers from Neasden to Drayton Park as follows. Neasden - Farringdon (CWL) - Barbican (CWL) - Farringdon (CWL) - Kings Cross LT (CWL) - Kings Cross - Holloway South Down - Finsbury Park No. 2 - Finsbury Park No. 1 - Highbury Vale - Drayton Park. The trips were topped and tailed by battery locos and...
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Fenchurch Street may need to move
https://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2020/08/18/fenchurch-street-station-may-need-to-move/ Does anyone know if the flat straight spot that was included in the Bank branch DLR tunnels to allow a tunnel station in the vicinity of Tower Hill was long enough for 3-carriage trains? Personally I think they should leave Fenchurch Street alone and build a branch of Crossrail from Custom House to Barking...
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Hammersmith Horror story
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Post-Covid metro train concept
https://www.railwaygazette.com/vehicles/design-agency-showcases-post-covid-metro-train-concept/57294.article Design company Tangerine has developed a concept for a ‘post-Covid’ metro train, designed to help operators plan for future pandemics by enabling them to readily adapt the interior to minimise the risk of transmission during local outbreaks. The ‘Metamorphosis’ concept has an...
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School Buses
Was walking past the stop on my way to the clinic this afternoon, and there was a notice on it about "School Buses" Which basically said "where we are running school buses, don't get on them if you aren't a child going to school" and I thought: There are no school bus routes around here.
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Dukes Avenue bridge, on disused...
https://www.hamhigh.co.uk/news/heritage/historic-railway-bridge-could-be-demolished-1-6733534 -- Basil Jet recently enjoyed listening to Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom - 2015 - Don't Believe The Hyperreal
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