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Geoff's latest video... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2aP2rMRO_WA .... shows a couple of WHISTLE boards in the vicinity of the Watford Met Branch triangle. Why are these locations singled out for whistling? How many whistle points exist on the tube? Wouldn't a fixed whistle activated by the presence of a train be a better solution?
March 20th 18 12:48 PM
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Crossrail fares announced - and a...
https://www.standard.co.uk/news/transport/elizabeth-line-fares-to-match-tube-prices-but-heathrow-passengers-set-to-pay-premium-a3791496.html Excessive premiumm to LHR from Z1 - £7.20, from Z2 only £4.50, otherwise normal fares. And Crossrail now appears to go more northerly than was expected!
March 16th 18 10:13 AM
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Bakerloo line tunnel
I took my first ride on the bakerloo line for years this morning and I noticed that southbound from charing X to waterloo the tunnel lining suddenly changes into rather old looking concrete for a fair distance. Is this due to WW2 bombing or something else? The iron rings resume just before waterloo.
March 12th 18 10:00 AM
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Mail Rail (Post Office Railway) visit
I'm sure many people here have already visited and ridden on Mail Rail museum, which opened last autumn. I finally got around to it last week. This was my second visit to the railway, having been on an organised visit about 40 years ago, when it was in full operation. Of course, I didn't get a ride that time. For anyone who's interested, but hasn't yet been, here are a few observations and...
March 11th 18 02:54 PM
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Early DLR aerial shot
I came across this historic image on Twitter, showing the just-built DLR viaduct crossing the derelict docks at Canary Wharf, before the skyscrapers were parachuted in. The absense of trains suggests that the pic was taken in 1986 or 87. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DX35RTNXUAYGYKe?format=jpg&name=large Now, of course, the left of those three docks contains the future Crossrail station, the...
March 10th 18 04:54 PM
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Taxi fares in Norwich
Norwich is not a huge city, but it's not small either. When I was there recently taxi fares were a flat £5 for every journey within the city limits. Those limits covered more or less everywhere inside the A47 diameter. If we had a similar thing in London, with hackneys charging £7 instead of that baffling logarithmic Huskisson scale that they currently use, they might get more custom.
March 6th 18 11:32 AM
by Offramp
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Crossrail: no easy Jubilee Line...
Yesterday I took one of the public tours of the Crossrail station at Canary Wharf which was somewhat interesting. Many of the escalators and lifts were working and they were starting fit out the platforms and to run test trains through, apparently. The appearance wasn't all that different from many of the Jubilee Line stations except for the use of yellow, "canary yellow" they said, to...
March 1st 18 03:30 PM
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Thameslink 2018 (pictures)
In article -september ..org, (Recliner) wrote: Roland Perry wrote: In message , at 20:04:32 on Wed, 28 Feb 2018, remarked: Do we gather that you and Roland were on the same train but unaware of each other
March 1st 18 10:19 AM
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Crossrail latest videos
Maiden Class 345 voyage through tunnels https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEGyP3A2PmE Class 345 at Paddington surface station https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gig2duTj33Y
February 28th 18 09:59 AM
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Thameslink 2018 (pictures)
I braved the snow to travel on the first northbound Thameslink train to use the Canal Tunnels, the Horsham to Peterborough. I travelled from East Croydon to Finsbury Park. However, I almost missed it at East Croydon: it was increasingly running late, and there was a last minute, unannounced platform change, from 4 to 2. Luckily, I spotted the changed departures board, and just made it up and...
February 26th 18 04:01 PM
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"Tube Challenge"
An (online) article about travelling on every San Francisco Muni route set me wondering about out Tube Challenge. When the Northern Line to Battersea opens that will become part of the challenge one assumes. But what about the Elizabeth Line?
February 25th 18 09:16 AM
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Lendlease wins Euston HS2 development...
February 23rd 18 10:12 AM
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Woolwich ferry to be upgraded this year
New boats in the summer... piers closed for upgrade in October. https://tfl.gov.uk/travel-information/improvements-and-projects/woolwich-ferry-upgrade Will the "high-tech mooring system" just involve some sort of radar for quicker and more accurate berthing?
February 20th 18 03:36 AM
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Disused platform at South Ken to reopen...
February 19th 18 01:26 PM
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Bus operator nominee pass validity.
Does anyone know where I can get a detailed description of the validity of a bus operator nominee pass? Tomorrow I need to travel Euston to Watford Junction. My assumption was that it would be valid on the overground but not the mainline. But when I use it on the bus I think it says "staff pass z1-7" BICBW. So it might not be valid all the way out to Watford Junction for either
February 19th 18 09:43 AM
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Re-opening York Road - Or Not
February 18th 18 09:38 PM
by CJB
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Crossrail Railway Systems: End to...
On 2018\02\17 19:04, wrote: https://youtu.be/d-RzWLxPQCs I hadn't actually realised that the railway was on the surface between Connaught Tunnel and North Woolwich. Amazing that they didn't build a station here, with a travelator under Holt Road to the airport. This must the be nearest that a railway has ever opened to an airport without making any attempt to serve it. There don't seem...
February 17th 18 07:50 PM
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Uber faces fresh regulations from TfL...
February 16th 18 09:53 AM
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Eva's Birthday Dinner
This is booked for Wednesday 21st February, 7.45pm at St Johns Restaurant 26 St. John Street, London, EC1M 4AY Nearest staion is Farringdon (Underground and Thameslink. See you there! Regards
February 12th 18 11:39 AM
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WWII bomb in river closes City airport
February 12th 18 05:14 AM
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Brent Cross West (Thameslink) station...
The railway press seems to have missed this completely. https://www.barnet.gov.uk/citizen-home/delivering-for-barnet/brent-cross-cricklewood/brent-cross-thameslink.html Four platforms - when was the last time a new station opened with four platforms? I think Cambridge North only has three. I'm guessing Luton Airport Parkway, and before that God knows when there was another.
February 6th 18 11:20 PM
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Haringey Heartlands
https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haringey_Heartlands Mary Neuner Road opened in approx October 2009, but since then nothing much appears to have happened in the area. There are no properties accessed from the new road, and although it's a handy bypass when there is a traffic jam on Hornsey Park Road, I suspect the business case for the road would not stack up on that basis alone. The road...
February 6th 18 10:54 PM
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First LEVC TX London black cabs now...
In article -septem ber.org, (Recliner) wrote: Everyone regards it as an automatic. As I am part of "everyone" and i don't consider it an automatic, that statement is false. If it is an automatic, why does the user have to change gear?
February 2nd 18 03:02 PM
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Baker St post-Oxford St...
If Oxford Street became pedestrianised, would Baker Street become two-way for its entire length?
February 2nd 18 11:53 AM
by Offramp
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3D tube station maps
https://www.ianvisits.co.uk/blog/2015/07/12/3d-maps-of-every- underground-station-ab/ Not new (or even up to date) but I hadn't seen it before. Also has useful info such as line depth below ground level of platforms (see discussions of Kings Cross and Fleet river, for example). -- Roland Perry
January 31st 18 11:21 AM
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Bus Timetables
I used to be able to download timetables exactly as they appear in the case on the bus stop pole - the times for a week summarised in a format such that the whole thing would fit on one side of an A4 page and could conveniently be folded and carried. Is this still possible? All I can find on the tfl website is "journey planners" and a list down one edge of the page giving all the times for one...
January 30th 18 07:45 PM
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Last days of the 172s on the...
On Thu, 25 Jan 2018 14:36:54 -0600 wrote: In article -september ..org, (Recliner) wrote: By your logic, TfL should have ordered more of the proven, in-service 313s, not the dangerously new-fangled 378s, when increasing the LO fleet. In fact, with modern manufacturing, especially where electronics are involved, technology can move on to the point where obsolete design
January 26th 18 09:47 AM
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Heathrow Hyperloop hype
Here's the latest hyperloop hype from CES, now proposed as a means of providing very fast links between Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, instead of a new runway: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/technology/2018/01/14/build-heathrow-gatwick-hyperloop-instead-third-runway-says-branson/ Extracts: His aspirations to send tourists into space have been notorious for setbacks, missed deadlines and broken...
January 15th 18 09:19 AM
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a new bus announcement
travelling on a 37 this morning, one of their new stock I was rather surprised to be told by the lady who tells us everything on buses, just as the door closed: "please hold on the bus is about to move" I thought most bus passengers understood that or is it not obvious enough since we havent quite perfected teleportation yet. -- Martin
January 12th 18 11:21 AM
by martin
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Explosion on district line
Looks like it could be an improvised device, or some builders chemicals that overheated. Hopefully the latter but seems unlikely to me. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-41278545 -- Spud
September 15th 17 09:19 AM
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