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Default Tube Plan To Axe 1,500 Jobs And Close All But 30 Ticket Offices

Just came across this on BBC News

Can't help thinking that Tfl are being a bit optimistic if they think
that only 20% of trains will be manually operated by 2017 and all
lines will have fully remote train operations by 2020. Would that not
require completely new trains track and signalling on the affected

The only "fully remote" metro I have used is the VAL system in Lille,
and the trains there are far too small to be able to cope with the
crowds in London. "Fully remote" operation would require platform
edge doors at every station, and I would be very surprised if that
could be achieved in 9 years, given current budget constraints.

Ticket office closures, reductions in hours and job losses are more
likely though (I would have thought) However given TfL's recent
experience with the unions, this is more likely to happen gradually
over a number of years rather than in one fell swoop.