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Default taxi to airport in London

We were about to embark at Dover, when (Mike
Hughes) came up to me and whispered:

For those who don't know about such things, you will often find
that many PH companies

Lets test these claims...

use drivers who have not taken the extensive 'knowledge' test;

But are often training for it while earning and learning as TfL licensed
PH Drivers

do not have to take any additional driving test;

Nor do Taxi Drivers.

may in fact be driving without a UK driving licence

Unlikely, as a part of the licensing process is to check the driver is
legal to drive in the UK, and has valid licence, insurance and CRB.

frequently charge more than the metered taxi fare.

PH Vehicles are not allowed to put meters in their cabs. As a result,
they charge by mileage.

You can;t really use the old lies about Minicabs now they are all
licensed by the PCO, and lies like yours make i more likely I would use a
Minicab, not a Hackney, if I need a cab in London.

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