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Default taxi to airport in London

In message , Paul
Cummins writes
We were about to embark at Dover, when (Mike
Hughes) came up to me and whispered:

For those who don't know about such things, you will often find
that many PH companies

Lets test these claims...

use drivers who have not taken the extensive 'knowledge' test;

But are often training for it while earning and learning as TfL licensed
PH Drivers

There are *some* but they are a very small percentage

do not have to take any additional driving test;

Nor do Taxi Drivers.

Wrong. Taxi drivers are required to take an additional driving test
before they get their licence. This includes the correct procedure to
accommodate wheelchair users. PH drivers take no additional test at all.

may in fact be driving without a UK driving licence

Unlikely, as a part of the licensing process is to check the driver is
legal to drive in the UK, and has valid licence, insurance and CRB.

They do not require a UK driving licence until they have been in the UK
for 12 months - there is no additional test to get their licence.

As for CRB checks, it is not possible to check back for those who are
newly arrived in the UK, yet they are granted licences.

frequently charge more than the metered taxi fare.

PH Vehicles are not allowed to put meters in their cabs. As a result,
they charge by mileage.

Which is more likely to be higher that the meter rate. Minimum fare for
the best known minicab firm is 12.oo minimum fare for a taxi 2.40. The
majority of day time fares are less than 10 so using a minicab will
cost more - and they can't legally go into bus lanes, or through Oxford

You can;t really use the old lies about Minicabs now they are all
licensed by the PCO, and lies like yours

What lie?. If you are at a nightclub in London you'll find that the
prices they quote are higher than those for taxis. They are also
uninsured if they pick up from the street i.e. their insurance is ONLY
for pre-booked jobs.

make i more likely I would use a
Minicab, not a Hackney, if I need a cab in London.

That is your choice, but when you're sat in traffic or diverted due to
road works, or many of the various events that the roads are closed for,
especially with the Olympics coming up, don't expect the Satnav users to
know how to get around the closures.

You could ask the lady who, after 3 hours of going round the centre of
London in the minicab booked by the company she was visiting, ended up
ion tears as he just couldn't get her the hotel - a simple 10 minute
journey for me as I knew how to get around the roadworks.

As I said it's your choice.

Mike Hughes
A Taxi driver licensed for London and Brighton
at home in Tarring, West Sussex, England
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