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Default taxi to airport in London

In message , Robin writes
do not have to take any additional driving test;

Nor do Taxi Drivers.

I am not now and have not ever been a cabbie but know there used to be
an additional taxi driving test (separate from the written and interview
"knowledge" tests). Has that really been dropped ?

No. it's still a legal requirement. The person who wrote the above does
not seem to be very well informed.

The danger is that this lack of information may lead to conclusions that
are, at best, simply wrong, but at worst can seriously affect judgement
when it comes to hiring 'minicabs'.

The best know one is - or should be - that PH vehicles are only insured
for pre-booked jobs, yet people will still get into a vehicle that is
not booked. If the drivers are prepared to break the law on hiring, ask
yourself what other laws they are prepared to break.

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