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Default Another alternative tube map

On 2015\07\24 21:44, Paul Corfield wrote:
On Fri, 24 Jul 2015 21:09:11 +0100, Basil Jet

Curiously, he's split the Northern Line in two, as did the last
alternative tube map. Do they know something I don't?

Read the paper about extra Nthn / Jub line trains I linked to another
post. Talks about Northern Line Upgrade 2 which effectively splits the
line into two.

Oh yes. I can't help thinking that the splitting of the Northern Line
should have been your headline instead of the bit about more trains.

Do you know what they are planning at Camden? Would it be just a few
extra cross passages or would it be that horrendous
lets-demolish-everything-that-gives-Camden-character plan from a decade

I'm going to repost what I said in March on the matter, although the
timescales would need to be accelerated.

'I think Camden Town should not be rebuilt. On average, people move house
every seven years and change job even more frequently, so within ten
years of the station being rebuilt and the lines being split, so many
people would have changed their job or residence to match the new line
routing that interchange at Camden would have fallen back to current
levels or lower, rendering the enhanced interchange capacity a white
elephant largely unused in the long run.

What they should do is split the lines on the tube map now, with Charing
Cross to Barnet/MHE being one solid colour with a dotted "limited
service only" branch to Edgware, and Bank to Edgware being a different
solid colour with a dotted "limited service only" branch to Barnet/MHE.
Initially the "limited service" would consist of 40% of the trains, but
every 4 years or so the proportion would be decreased to 33%, then 25%,
then 16%, then 0%. As the population gradually adjusted their place of
work and/or place of residence around the new service as shown on the
tube map, the numbers interchanging at Camden Town would never overwhelm
the station, and after 20 years or so you would have split the lines
completely without having to rebuild anything.'