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Default Barbican Thameslink service

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Charles Ellson wrote:
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Basil Jet wrote:
Does anyone know when Barbican ceased to be served by Thameslink
trains FROM Moorgate? All of the web resources suggest that Barbican
was served by Thameslink trains in both directions until 2009, but I
know that platform 4 was out of use for at least a decade before the
junction at Farringdon closed.

Sounds reasonable. I used to use the circle line about 15 years ago
and P4 was out of use even then.

On a related note, does anyone know the fate of that branch? Are LU
still going to take it over and use it for sidings when crossrail is
done, or has that fallen by the wayside?

Some has been built over, some is used for storage and ISTR might be
used for additional sidings.

Seen on Twitter today -- new LU sidings being built at Farringdon:

Track renewals at Farringdon - first phase installation of a new
modular double junction and sidings roads

Replacing earlier sidings which were taken up because they were too
short, surely?

Yes, I think so. Presumably there's now room for longer ones, with the WL
tracks gone.

Presumably but it's not clear to me from the angle of the shot where the
sidings will end up.

Colin Rosenstiel