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Default Abbey Wood station

On 23/10/2017 11:40, Basil Jet wrote:
On 2017\10\21 02:26, Basil Jet wrote:

Rebuilt station to open (Southeastern platforms only) "October 2017" -
has it opened yet?

Thanks for the two different dates supplied by two different repliers in
the two different newsgroups ;-)

Has it opened now?

BTW, does anyone else think it's a disgrace that Custom House and Abbey
Wood stations are open to the elements? I can see a good reason to leave
new diesel stations like Ilkeston roofless, but I think there's no
excuse to leave brand new Crossrail stations roofless. A new library or
church would not be roofless - even Wembley Stadium has a roof. Canopies
protect against the rain but not against the cold.

Fortunately you shouldn't have to spend as long at a Crossrail station
as you may have to do so in a church or library (or stadium).

Even if you're waiting for a train to a particular destination surely
you can always get the first train that arrives and then wait somewhere
underground where it obviously has a roof (and probably will be as
stifling as many of the Underground stations are. In fact it always
puzzles me why people don't do this as a matter of course - given the
occasional flakey nature of transport, surely getting nearer to your
ultimate destination has to be a good thing?

Now, there have to be good arguments for cabriolet trains - why don't
they exist?