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On 2018\02\07 10:05, Richard J. wrote:
Basil Jet wrote on 06 Feb 2018 at 22:54 ...

Mary Neuner Road opened in approx October 2009, but since then nothing
much appears to have happened in the area. There are no properties
accessed from the new road, and although it's a handy bypass when there
is a traffic jam on Hornsey Park Road, I suspect the business case for
the road would not stack up on that basis alone. The road only really
makes sense as an access route for the derelict land either side, but it
seems odd that the road opened nine years or more before it was needed.

The business case was apparently that it would relieve congestion.* See
this BBC news report from November 2008:

Interesting, thanks.

"The Mary Neuner Road will help stem congestion by taking some of the
traffic off residential roads like Hornsey Park Road, once people
realise it's there."

Eight years later, I find that it enables a few smart people to bypass
most of the traffic jam, but most people still sit in the traffic jam
which is virtually unchanged. The actual bottleneck is the lights at
Wightman Road, into which all southbound traffic still gets funnelled.
Building the new road behind the Electoral Reform Society and connecting
to Turnpike Lane by the railway bridge would have been better, but I
think the land has recently been built on, and that would double the
length and presumably the cost of the road.