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On 18 Jul 2018 15:14:44 +0100 (BST)
Jonathan Amery wrote:
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Its not hard to see why this has happened when you witness the responses of
so called "professional" railway employees on here when I suggested perhaps
TfL should have ordered a few more 378s when they had the chance or perhaps

should have just electrified the goblin with DC decades ago. It really is no
surprise the british rail industry is an utter basket case when this is the
calibre of the people working in it.

This being the TfL that's so scrapped for cash that it's mortgaging
rolling stock it hasn't finished paying for yet?

The 378s were ordered long before Kahn came in and froze fares.

Or the DC electrification project which would have cost the taxpayer
millions and set back OHLE by half a century further?

Half a century? Would the presense of a switched off conductor rail on a
closed for upgrade line cause some some disturbance in The Force preventing
the installation of AC overhead then? Oddly it didn't prevent most of the
rest of the NLL being converted to AC.