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Default Swastikas in London

Graeme Wall wrote:
On 20/10/2018 10:23, Offramp wrote:
I suppose some of us know that here is an inlaid swastika in the floor
of Upminster Bridge Station. I didn't until about a week ago.

The only other permanent swastika I could think of is on the side of the
Indian High Commission at Aldwych, right at the end of Kingsway.

I remember a small Indian shop near me had a hand-written NO SMOKING
sign that was covered in hand-drawn swastikas, not meaning "this rule
will be rigorously enforced" but simply, "for health".

The original "swastika" is a very old Indian symbol for good luck, IIRC
the Nazi version is actually drawn backwards.

Occasionally it was painted on the buffer beams of Darjeeling Himalayan
Locos but a quick gander at recent photos shows an absence,whether that is
down to improved track or too many tourists misinterpreting the symbol I
don’t know.

My long gone grandmother had a couple of these amongst her possessions that
she had kept as souvenirs from WW1

And Hawkers painters applied Swastikas to Hurricanes during WW2 ,Blue ones
as it had been the insignia of the Finnish Airforce before the Nazi regime
chose it and actually had roots with a Swedish Families Coat of Arms.
Because the use of a Swastika had become tainted they replaced it on
aircraft with Roundels but never dropped its use on uniforms and squadron

The Hurricanes were not the first British aircraft to bear Swastikas,
Finland had some earlier designs such as Gloucester Gladiators and others
in the short lived preWW2 Latvian Airforce bore the Red on a White disk
Swastika of that state