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Default Sadiq's looming poll tax moment

On Sun, 9 Dec 2018 11:42:57 +0000, Robin9

I'm unskilled at political prophesising so I won't try to predict
what will happen.

I've said many times that motorists are the sleeping tigers of
London politics and that if they ever wake up and recognise
what is going on, their unified reaction could sweep away
several dishonest, hypocritical politicians. As I've posted before,
if this Mayor or any of his predecessors had genuinely been
concerned about air pollution in London, they would have
stopped making our roads unfit for road vehicles.

In my neighbourhood, Whipps Cross Roundabout, which has
always done a splendid job of processing three large, constant
streams of traffic, is now being replaced by a complex system with . . .
yes, oh so predictably . . . . numerous traffic lights. The increase in
traffic queues and air pollution will be horrendous.

Yes, I think Sadiq may be taking aim at a rather large, belligerent
target. It seems that far more motorists and vans will be affected by
this new charge than had been suggested. This looming charge (really,
more of a new tax) will be a pretty good way of getting Shaun Bailey
elected in 2020.

Sadiq only has to look at Paris today to get a feeling for what
happens when you alienate a lot of the population. Brits aren't as
violent, but they could still make like difficult for him.