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Default Sadiq's looming poll tax moment

On Mon, 10 Dec 2018 14:11:04 +0000
Roland Perry wrote:
In message , at 09:56:31 on Mon, 10 Dec
2018, remarked:
All the mayors idiotic tax will achieve is sending perfectly good cars to
the scrapheap too early

I really don't think anyone is going to scrap a 2013 car because of this

Not 2013 cars, but 10 year old cars maybe. Regardless they'd probably end up
selling them and this has a trickle down effect where somewhere along the line
a car gets scrapped that otherwise wouldn't have been.

Unlike with the congestion charge zone, this new zone won't have just an

line you can avoid.

And I was describing the Cambridge congestion charge, not London's

I know, just saying.

Even if you start your journey in the zone and never leave it you'll
still apparently be caught by ANPR (presumably yet to be installed) and

I was mainly addressing Recliner's comment that his car dealership was
just inside the [London] cordon. Which suggests he's starting just

Well as he likes to remind us, money is no object for him so coughing up
12.50 for the occasional service shouldn't be too onorous.

While there does have to be some line drawn on the map, it's
disproportionate that someone whose errands takes them as little as
perhaps a mile inside on an irregular basis should be charged as much as
someone driving for hours inside.

Agreed, but then the ultimate goal is to clear traffic off the roads and so
the more unfair it is the closer that goal will be met.

Accidental experiments, in Cambridge again, appear to show that people
will go to considerable lengths to avoid paying quite small fees for
parking (or petrol at 1p/litre cheaper).


Getting back to other modes of transport for a moment, what if one of
the radial railways suffers a glitch, and people at a station just
inside the cordon where the trains have ground to a halt, start phoning
home (maybe one station beyond the cordon) for a lift, then this stealth
tax on the rescue mission is going to grate severely.

Don't forget the stealth tax on the East London Line. The whole line is
zone 2 or 6 apart from shoreditch high street. Cynically put in zone 1 so
they can charge the maximum oyster fare and prevent west and north londoners
using the overground as a way to avoid paying for zone 1 on the tube to get to
the City or Canary wharf. Yes you could go to straford but that would be a hell
of a roundabout route.