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Default Sadiq's looming poll tax moment

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Roland Perry wrote:
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Going back to one of your earlier suggestions, it might be more
tolerable if the system was smart enough to allow a small number of
free visits by any vehicle to the zone (say, two per month), and only
imposed a charge after that was exceeded. It would ensure that people
regularly driving in the zone invested in clean vehicles, but rare
visitors weren't impeded.

The authorities seem wedded to the idea of nickel-and-diming everyone
whenever they can. It'd also be great to get half a dozen free trips at
the Dartford Crossing a year, or maybe half a dozen peak-time rail fares
at the off-peak rate.

The new dart charge was designed to make it a PITA to pay in order to
fines from those who don't.

ITYF that's Cock-up, not Conspiracy

I'm not sure it is in this case. A significant proportion of the traffic
will be ad hoc trips of cars trucks and vans just passing through or
heading to
the ports who they know will probably forget (regular users will simply
have an
account). There was no reason not to retain a few pay by cash or
kiosks and its not as it its made a huge difference to the queues anyway
especially on the northbound through the tunnel which is is the real

I think you underestimate the chaos which "a few kiosks" would cause.

Northbound there's enough zig-zagging of traffic trying to get into the
correct lane of a tunnel already, plus the problem of the junction joining
only a few 100 yards before the tunnel

I agree that something along the lines of pay stations at service areas on
the M2/20/25 would be a useful feature.

One can only hope that now sense has finally prevailed on the Severn
and the charge is to be removed, the same can be done at Dartford.

the politics are different

plus the small matter of having to fund the third crossing