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Default cashless tolling, Sadiq's looming poll tax moment

In article [email protected],
Arthur Conan Doyle wrote:
"tim..." wrote:

and how do users of rental cars pay these tolls?

Toll company bills rental car company, rental car company charges card used for
rental. At least in my experience. The layers of administrative surcharges make
that an expensive option.

That's fairly typical.

Unfortunately, I think the transponder rules prohibit moving from car to car.

Not in the US. Most US toll transponders can be used in any car, so I
have a spare e-zpass that I use in the northeast and a Sunpass I use
in Florida.

I must not be the only one, since I bought a gizmo on Amazon that clips onto
the e-zpass and has a suction cup to stick to the windshield. (The regular
attachment is adhesive velcro strips.)

Failing that, many cashless tolls have a web site where you can pay by
license tag number within a few days.

For the toll roads, even if some of the tolls go unpaid, the vast
savings in not having staff at the tolls and not having to handle cash
more than covers it.

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