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Default Sadiq's looming poll tax moment

On Mon, 17 Dec 2018 10:57:08 +0000
Someone Somewhere wrote:
On 17/12/2018 09:46, wrote:
Out in the sticks yes, near big cities not always. Anyway, the northbound
dartfords queues have never been due to the tolls, its always been down to
squeezing one of the busiest motorways in europe 6 lanes down + local feeder
roads into 4 narrow lanes with a de facto speed limit of around 25mph on a
good day.

More to the point, British drivers seem to have forgotten how to merge
efficiently these days so any narrowing of the road consistently causes
massive delays wherever it is.

It only takes 1 or 2 idiots to start merging half a mile before the restriction
to **** everything else up. Usually they're the sort of idiot who thinks its
"bad form" to drive all the way down and merge at the end even though thats the
most efficient use of road space and then deliberately try and block anyone
who does.

Same as they have forgotten that the national speed limit is 60 (70
where there are multiple lanes and a central reservation) and not 50.

50? If only. I was stuck with about a dozen other cars behind some plank the
other day doing 30 on the A41 out in the sticks.

motorway junctions who pull out a lane without regard to what is coming
behind them because they think it is the "safer" thing to do, and to
avoid having to merge effectively with traffic entering the motorway)..

Some drivers seem to think a rear view mirror is an optional extra.