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Default Sadiq's looming poll tax moment

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Mon, 17 Dec 2018, Optimist remarked:

The underlying issue is that many Public Sector and most Third Sector
organisations have rules that expenditure requires 'two signatures';
and it's compulsory under the rules dictated by most grant funders.

so you get two people to sign up for the 10 pound transfer to the
online account

On a cheque. While it's possible to set up dual-signature BACS transfers
online, it's a bit of a pain. When I was involved in this I found that
'second signatories' were much more responsive to countersigning a
cheque and dropping it in the prepaid return envelope, than jumping
through all the hoops of a dual-auth online banking account.

Banks don't check signatures anyway.

It's more for auditing purposes, to make sure no-one is siphoning off
funds. For example it's usually prohibited for the two signatures to be
related one another (even if both of them are officers of the
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