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On 29/01/2019 11:19, Basil Jet wrote:
On 29/01/2019 11:09, Anna Noyd-Dryver wrote:

I’ve just interrogated the reservations list for the Padd-Penzance
train I
worked part way this morning, and although there are actually no
reservations for the full Padd-Pz journey, there are quite a few
Pad/Reading-Plymouth, a number of Bristol-Truro, and some Bristol-St

Isn't this data skewed by the fact that people getting on at the origin
probably don't bother getting reservations?

Many (advance purchase) tickets force a reservation on you. I wouldn't
mind, but whilst there's a penalty (whether actual, or just the risk of
being forced to move when any other seat option has gone) for sitting in
a reserved seat, there's no penalty for not taking up a reservation.

It's even worse when you buy an open return and they suggest a (free)
reservation when there's only a small chance you'll take that actual train.

I remember once getting a train from Euston where I walked the length of
the train to my assigned seat in coach A to be confronted by a sea of
reservations and a similar number of empty seats. The carriage remained
almost completely empty as far as my destination of Stone (from memory).