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Default Kingston to Eastbourne bus

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13:51:40 on Sun, 10 Feb 2019, Arthur Figgis
On 10/02/2019 13:30, Roland Perry wrote:
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13:12:32 on Sun, 10 Feb 2019, Arthur Figgis
Waiting at a bus stop yesterday, I noticed the times for a
few-days-a-year return bus service from Kingston to Eastbourne.

Why does this exist?

Does anyone actually spend 3h 5min on a bus to Eastbourne,
rather than* take a train?
*Easily beaten by the 3hrs 50mins for the Oxford-Cambridge bus.

These days aren't those posh vehicles with according to Stagecoach
"the luxury of leather reclining seats, air conditioning and free
Wi-Fi" (and tiolets), rather than ordinary red double-deckers like

Yes, it's cheap, 10 quid return compared to train fares from
GBP8.50* single... but you would spend more of the day on the bus
than in* Eastbourne. It looks like coffin-dodger passes are not valid(?).
*The X5 (above) offers an unspecified discount for card-holders
before* 9:30 which implies they are valid after 9:30.

"Special 7 Return on 774 only for Freedom Pass Holders.No other
concessions available."
*What's 774?

Dorking to Tunbridge Wells or Bluewater, it seems. GoAhead seem to
have a handful of these odd infrequent return services.

I was wondering how 774 applied to the X5.

I was wondering how the X5 applied to transport in (or from) London...

It's a well-known example of a bus service with longer end-to-end times
than the OP's. Or do you think residents of Kingston are more fidgety
than those in Oxford or Cambridge?
Roland Perry