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Default Extra train on the Goblin yesterday

On Thursday, 21 March 2019 16:21:18 UTC, Anna Noyd-Dryver wrote:
TimB wrote:
On Thursday, March 21, 2019 at 11:31:41 AM UTC, Recliner wrote:
Anna Noyd-Dryver wrote:
Jeremy Double wrote:
Recliner wrote:
On Mon, 18 Mar 2019 13:59:53 -0000 (UTC)
Anna Noyd-Dryver wrote:
tolly57 wrote:

Only 3 trains for 10,000 passengers from 18 March due to train
shortages. (see latest news).

Apparently a fourth train will be converted soon.

I rode on two-thirds of the current fleet yesterday!

What with the ongoing balls-up wrt the 717s on the moorgate line its not
a good few of years for train manufacturers in London. Only themselves
to blame too.

It's weird that it's the local train builder, with the most UK experience,
that's faring the worst. Conversely, apparently the least problematic new
trains on test are turning out to be the ones from the UK newcomer,

Is this a case of the newcomers actually doing their homework and finding
out about the “don’t knows” of the use environment when refining their
design, whereas the people already in the market think they know everything
and are thus complacent?

Or maybe it’s just the superiority of Swiss engineering?

The problems AIUI aren’t the interface of the train to the wider railway
environment, it’s the software used within the train itself. The trains
currently having introduction problems use a new generation of on-train
software, whereas the 345s are the last of the previous generation of
software (dating from the 357s IIRC).

I see that ScotRail is releasing the 'Happy trains' that filled-in for the
385s that needed new cab windows. Could those 365s operate on the Goblin?
Yes, I know driver training would be needed. Do they need guards?

Or, half jokingly, could WCR provide a couple of heritage trains, as it did
in the Lake District? I think it's no longer operating the Cumbrian coast
trains, so it might have stock available. TfL would sell a lot of tickets
for loco-hauled stock on the Goblin! Indeed, I think WCR will be operating
a steam charter along the line on Saturday.

Well, they didn't need guards on Kings Cross routes.

It depends whether the platform equipment is in the correct position for
different stock.

Anna Noyd-Dryver

There are no monitors or mirrors on the GOBLIN AFAIAA as the 172s had
bodyside cameras. So only trains with bodyside cameras can operate DOO on
the GOBLIN. I suspect TfL has no staff who could act either as guards or
platform despatchers to allow trains like 315s or 365s (which do not have
bodyside cameras) to operate.