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Default White Hart Lane station to be renamed Tottenham Hotspur

On 25/03/2019 09:50, David Cantrell wrote:
On Sun, Mar 24, 2019 at 04:56:05PM +0000, Basil Jet wrote:

It's a public building where up to 62,062 people will descend from Wales
and Scotland, and even fly in from America, to watch rock concerts and
the like. Naming the station after the building makes sense.

Assuming two sell-out crowds every week, which clearly isn't going to
happen, that's roughly the same number of visitors as the Tate Modern.
And yet that doesn't have a station named after it. Perhaps that's a
tacit acceptance that association football fans and those who go to
stadium pop concerts are too thick to look things up on a map.

Ooh, get her.

AFAIK, the TM never offered to pay to rename Blackfriars. If they had,
it would presumably have been considered.

IIRC Kew Gardens has signs on the platform saying "Alight here for the
National Archives". By your logic, that is a tacit acceptance that only
thick people visit the National Archives.

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