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Default Do Old Fogies need to tap in/out on NR

tim... wrote:

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tim... wrote:
I went on the local "walk for health" this morning (which I'm sure you
imagine is frequented by mostly old/infirm folk)

we met at the bus stop by a railway station.

Much to my surprise, the first leg of the walk was to take the train one

I was the only one of the group who bothered to tap in and out for this

so who's right, me or them?

With the Freedom Pass, the cost of rail tickets is met by London Councils
(not central government). The total annual budget is fixed, but it's
charged to the councils in proportion to the number of journeys made by
their residents. So you were right, and as a result of your correct
behaviour, your council will pay a slightly larger part of this year's
Freedom Pass budget. I'm not sure if the rail company will also get paid
slightly more.

I was more thinking in terms of what happens to me in the event of being

rather than who gets charged what

All they do is to check that the Freedom Pass is valid and usable on that
service (ie, not before 9:30 on a mainline train), not whether you touched
in or out. So, while you did the right thing, it wouldn't matter if you

For example, when I recently arrived in Gatwick, I bought a £5.40 ticket
from the machine that paid for my journey as far as East Croydon. My
Freedom Pass covered the rest of the journey to Victoria, but I didn't need
to touch in for it to be valid.