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Default Dual SIM phones was:Worker killed by Southern train was covering for brother

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On Sun, 14 Jul 2019 07:42:38 +0100
Roland Perry wrote:
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2019, Clank remarked:
Roland Perry Wrote in message:
That's where the albeit fairly rare dual-SIM phone has a role.

Only, for some reason, rare in the UK.

The reason is obvious: so many phones are either SIM-locked to one
provider, or are fitted with SIMs on non-rollover tariffs, that the
opportunities for fitting a second true-Pay-as-you-go SIM are quite

Of course back when 2G phones first came out the SIM was on a card you
switch cards easily in seconds but presumably that was deemed too
for users

it mitigated against the demand for ever smaller phones, but I'm sure you
knew that really.

Engineers didn't like creating designs for these ever smaller SIMs. It was
a real PITA. But it was what Marketing wanted

whereupon inserting the SIM was changed to require removing the

IIRC for the the phone that I had that took a full credit card size SIM you
still had to fit it in under the battery