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Default Dual SIM phones was:Worker killed by Southern train was covering for brother

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That's where the albeit fairly rare dual-SIM phone has a role.

Only, for some reason, rare in the UK.

The reason is obvious: so many phones are either SIM-locked to one
provider, or are fitted with SIMs on non-rollover tariffs, that the
opportunities for fitting a second true-Pay-as-you-go SIM are quite

Of course back when 2G phones first came out the SIM was on a card you
switch cards easily in seconds but presumably that was deemed too

I'm not sure how many phones ever took the full size SIM.

Commercial considerations killed them off: the idea was that a person
would have a SIM, and be able to share/borrow a phone to use it in.

But the networks wanted to tie people into having their own phone (and
contract) in particular not wanting a phone they'd subsidised being used
with a SIM from a rival network,

They solved that problem by having phones "network" locked

My "acquired" smart phone still is