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Default Park Royal Station

Roland Perry wrote:
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on Thu, 8 Aug 2019, David Cantrell remarked:
I would presume that those 800 new homes are expected to have a
different traffic pattern from a new office block, and so not need the
extra infrastructure.
In terms of being a source of passengers, rather than a sink, yes. But
we'd need a better insight into whether those two different flows are
better handled by road transport compared to rail.

I'd expect that homes would generate traffic with less sharply defined
peaks, so the traffic would be spread out more in time. And I think it
goes without saying that people going to/from home would make more use
of road transport than people going to/from an office, as they'll be
doing things like going to the shops, to school, etc. Those residents
who *do* use the station to get to work, meanwhile, will be travelling
against the flow of those who are coming to work at the nearby offices.

Also, are there more workers in the offices they did build, compared to
residents with cars in the 800 houses?

The new blocks of flats are further away from the station than the two
office blocks, which might make tube travel less enticing. And, of course,
the Piccadilly line does serve the station, and the existing Central line
station isn't far away.