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Default Northern Line goes south

"Clive D.W. Feather" wrote in message
In article , Recliner
"The service had reopened by 13:00, but is now running with severe

yep all trains are running 7 hours late

how will anyone notice?

Yes, that's something I often wonder with LU disruptions. Probably
what they really mean is that they're running a reduced service, with
extended intervals between trains.

No, the trains do run to a timetable.

Most of us know that

It used to be possible to get a physical copy (I'm beginning to wish that I
had kept my "collection")

And very possible an online variant, as for busses until they took those
away (or hid them very well) in favour of just informing people using the
journey planner.

This may mean that train 123 is 20
minutes behind time or,

but if everything is running 20 minutes (or 2 hours, or 4 hours, or 6 hours)
behind time, because all trains were stuck in the depot for that length of
time, who will notice other than the dispatcher (whatever his job title is).

It's all very well TfL telling us that trains are running with severe
delays, meaning that individual trains are running behind their nominal
timetable, but if there still a service frequency of one trains every 3-4
minutes, in the real world, who cares?

OTOH if they mean something else, such as extended intervals because fewer
trains are running, or because of extended dwell times at stations caused by
congested platforms, they should use a more appropriate terminology.