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Default Boris's bus related jinxes continue

Marland wrote:
Roland Perry wrote:

Indeed. Wright is probably right down on Boris's list of concerns, behind
Jennifer Arcuri, the Supreme Court verdict, the party conference, the EU
negotiations, the looming election,

I doubt he's worried very much (unless the factory is in a DUP area) but
it's simply anther example of Boris + Bus (be that painted-on-the-side
or painted-as-a-hobby, as well as Roastmaster) looks like a fatal

When he said he painted model buses as a hobby I still haven’t decided if
he was telling the truth ( is he capable?) or was just having a joke at the
expense of those who often refer to that campaign bus with the somewhat
misleading slogan on the side.

It's highly unlikely to be true. So it was either a joke, or an attempt to
remind people of his greatest triumph as mayor.

As for all those other problems taken in isolation each one could be a
niggle but when there are so many at once none of them can be concentrated
on so he will probably ride them out relying on the “cant see the wood for
trees “ principle.

I think Cummings and Gove do most of his thinking for him. Boris just has
to choose between their often conflicting advice.