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tim... wrote: G9zdGVycz9zaG9ydD0xJnNraXA9MjkyOCZsaW1pdD00OA==

(click on the image for a bit better quality)

How did one pay for the journey in 1981

almost certainly cash

and what cind of ticket did
you get? Magnetic stripe?

Unfortunately my collection doesn't go back that far

but definitely mag stripe

the question is would that have been a credit card sized ticket or did they
still have Edmondson sized "Yellow" tickets then?


Fairly sure they were still the yellow card tickets at that time with the
mag stripe on the back,
a personal recollection to fix the time was a rugby team visit to Paris and
the Metro was using similar
tickets but instead of one thick oxide stripe there were two thinner
ones,brought one back to London and out of curiosity tried in an LT gate
which as expected rejected it.
The Paris trip organised by Ian Allen travel used a Laker Airways DC 10 and
not too long before DC 10’s had been the subject of several incidents
resulting in them being grounded ,
So that trip must have been between when they were reinstated and Laker
ceasing operations.

Were they actually classed as Edmundson tickets ? I though they were quite
a bit longer.