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Default Latest Heathrow master plan

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As for money to burn, it started as a toll road, but then got swept up
into a government-funded "shovels ready" project to stimulate the
economy due to the construction jobs created.

And there was me thinking that after the M6T disaster all of the
constriction companies told HMG to "go swivel" when they sounded them out
about taking on the risk of the tolling

The difference with the A14, and why being a toll road was always a rather
dodgy public policy decision, is that it would effectively have a monopoly
on that particular flow, something which could never have been said about
the M6T. Think more like the Dartford Crossing.

AIUI it wasn't suggested as a monopoly as the plan was to have through
traffic tolled, local traffic un-tolled.

And the insurmountable problem with that was "how do you construct it so
that it is fair to local traffic without having a non-negligible volume of
through traffic trying to become local traffic and clogging up the local
route, whilst leaving the through route underused".