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Default Front-boarding only for BBs

Richard J. wrote:
On 11/01/2020 08:20, Roland Perry wrote:
In message , at 23:17:07 on Fri, 10 Jan
2020, Recliner remarked:

Director of bus operations Claire Mann described fare dodging as "criminal
and unfair".

As is perhaps the foisting of the new design of bus on the public,
with promises of benefits which were ultimately shown to be false, and
disbenefits we weren't warned about.

[Hmm... promises, sides of buses, what does that remind us of]

"Our successful pilot on the route 8 has shown that boarding using the
front door only

reads much better with a comma here

I see what you mean, but putting an unpaired comma between the subject
and the verb is illiterate. The problem is caused by the position of the
word "only", and can be solved by rewording it as "... boarding using
only the front door doesn't delay ...".

doesn't delay the service and reduces fare evasion, so we
will change all other New Routemasters to follow suit," she said.

Are they going to make the staircases one way? (Up at the front and down
at the back) That would finally make a justification for having more than one staircase.

No need for that.

In practice, the front stairs will remain two-way, as in other deckers, and
the rears will become down-only, for exiting via the rear-door. The front
stairs are ideal for exiting via the middle door.