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Default St Pancras departures shown in KGX

Roland Perry wrote:
In message , at 17:08:07 on Thu,
23 Jan 2020, Theo remarked:
That must be a fairly recent development. I never seen that
and I visit Kings Cross every few weeks. Obviously this will be
helpful for passengers needing to decide from which station
the next train will depart.

Not just the next train, but the first to arrive at their destination. For
example, it shows that there's a train boarding on platform 10 for
Cambridge, but there's one 10 mins later from St Pancras that gets to
Cambridge eight minutes earlier.

Do they hide trains from St Pancras that are insufficiently soon?

"too soon", perhaps. They certainly won't be using the normal published
'interchange time' which is 30 mins (although perhaps that's 15+15)

Can the OP say when his photo was taken?

You can see for yourself from the exif info on the photo:
Date and Time (Original) - 2020:01:21 19:00:52

The camera clock will have been within a minute of the correct time, so I'd
have taken it between 19:00 and 19:02.

ie don't
show trains in less than N mins time, assuming it'll take that time for
someone to walk over from King's Cross?

I'll have a look, I'm going down to London today. [Watch out, everyone,
this usually means I jinx the schedules]

At Kings Cross they kind of do the reverse: only displaying the platform
number at the very last minute so everyone has to scurry. In the OP's
photo, all the KGX trains including 19:27 and later don't have a
platform number yet.

ps. Did everyone spot that the train in Platform 10 is a Thameslink?
There's still no news on if/when the Cambridge stoppers will start
going through the core, which is why passengers for some
intermediate stations still need to make the choice of which
terminus to patronise. For Cambridge (and Letchworth/Royston in the
peak) I think it's always quicker to wait for the next fast train.