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Default Motion Sickness

On 27/02/2020 22:25, Recliner wrote:
Has anybody noticed how the electric and hybrid busses, particularly the
newer ones, cause motion sickness?

Maybe I have a sensitive stomach.

I have just noticed that the single- and double-deckers lurch forward
when starting and come to such abrupt stops. The hybrids also can give a
strong lurch as the engine switches on when the vehicle is in motion.

I don't think it's all of them, but some new models do seem to lurch.
That's probably a sign of the immaturity of some drivetrains, rather than
anything intrinsic.

It was newer models, to which I was referring.

Newer models from manufacturers new to the technology. Also, there's more
than one form of hybrid, and they may have moved from one to another
(parallel to series, say).

I am glad to see the introduction of electric and hybrid busses here in
London, but I do wonder if TfL or the contractors need to start
addressing passenger comfort in this particular instance.

That'll be very low on the priority list after purchase costs, fuel costs,
maintenance, emissions, reliability, ease of driving and longevity.

How did I know that you would say something like that?

Yup. Anyone who's travelled on a modern train knows what the priorities