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Default LHR partial shutdown

On Wed, 18 Mar 2020 11:14:21 +0000, Roland Perry

In message , at 09:51:02 on Wed, 18 Mar
2020, Recliner remarked:
There must be a lot of repatriation flights because on flightradar24 there
seem to be just as many flights across europe and the atlantic as ever and
plenty of aircraft around heathrow and gatwick.

Yes, see

[Of course, the many code-shares exaggerate the number of flights, both
those operating and the cancelled ones. ]

As I'm sure you'd said in the past, the flightshares can be easily
ignored, simply by eyeballing flights at the same time, to the same

The 12:05 to Philadelphia is a doozy.

It was a reminder to anyone just tempted to skim down the list.

I suspect, however, that these cancellations are last minute ones,
rather than compared to the timetable they were expecting to be running
a month ago.

No, I don't think so. The published timetable would still be in place
for the moment, but with increasing numbers of cancellations. A new,
much reduced timetable might come in from next week (they'd still need
to negotiate slots, gates, etc).