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Default Coronavirus: TfL reveals 20 busiest Tube and train stations 'to avoid'

In message , at 00:01:26 on Tue, 19
May 2020, MissRiaElaine remarked:

Masks worn by the public are NOT meant to protect the wearer.

They're not PPE, and they don't perform the same function as the gear
that operating theatre staff wear to protect themselves from
infection. So your ohs's comments are irrelevant in this context.

The masks that the public may choose to wear on the bus, train,
plane or shop sole purpose is to protect *other* people from the
wearer's saliva, should they be infected. So it doesn't matter in the
slightest if they don or remove them properly, and they don't need to
wash them at 60C. The masks don't need to fit perfectly, just well
enough to stop droplets of the wearer's saliva from being sprayed
around. Without a mask, a sneeze,loud conversation or cough can spray
droplets for several metres, and they'll linger in the air; with a
mask, even a home-made, two-layer, crude one, the droplets won't get
very far. And that's the only reason to wear one.

Just remember, when you wear a mask, you're saving other people from
contamination by *you*, not protecting yourself.

I'd still rather believe her than you.

She's got the wrong end of the stick. You should tell her they are to
protect the rest of the world from the wearer, not the other way round.
Then it becomes clear.
Roland Perry