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Default New boarding on London's buses

Allowing individuals to decide for themselves means they are forcing
their decisions on other people. I'm fed up with the lycras around
here who've decided social distancing is unnecessary.

And how long should your fear restrict the lives of the rest of us?
If you're scared wear a full face mask + visor or better yet just
stay in your house but don't expect others to pander to your

Which is an interesting pair of perspectives, which somehow people need
to work around with some modicum of sense and politeness. How much
time should a "lycra" allow before giving up and just passing a
headphone-oblivious or uncooperative "insecure" (or indeed anybody
not reacting) on a restrictive pathway?

I have to say, having been on both sides of this, that almost
everybody I've passed/ been passed by seem to be quite pragmatic and
will move to the side of the path to the extent possible without fuss.
You can always (also) hold your breath for a pace or two, or turn your
face away, when passing ... although this can make it difficult to say