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Default No black LEDs?

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Arthur Conan Doyle wrote:
Peter Able wrote:

It'd put an extra load on the PSU, but how about pale white LEDs with
LED OFF representing Northern line trains?

It would be very cool if the larger one were built to scale with the Douglas
Rose historical LU map. Even better - add a few extra LEDs that light
at random
on some of the disused lines.

Ah, the ghostly option! But I do like the idea of a new, larger version,
built to scale.

Many many years ago when I was in Paris (I don't know if they are still
there, I haven't been there for over 30 years) and before the days of
LEDs I recall that at some Metro stations if you wanted to know the best
way to get to another station there was a large display. Pressing a
button labelled with the destination station illuminated a chain of
lights stretching from the current station to the destination revealing
also the interchange stations where relevant
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