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Default Heathrow runway 3 lawful

Arthur Conan Doyle wrote:
Recliner wrote:

Oh, I don't think HAL will be in any hurry to pursue this opportunity. It
currently has much more pressing concerns. It's much more likely to
prioritise the re-development of the central terminals, given the current
low demand. With T3 temporarily closed, there may be an opportunity to
close a wing of it permanently, and accelerate the expansion of T2.

This is so true. The costs and impact of trying to change a tyre whilst moving
vs. being able to take a more optimun approach must be significant. The question
will be how to finance this when revenues are down from landing fees and retail

They want to be able to raise their fees to fund the investment, in the way
that other regulated utilities do. Needless to say, HAL's biggest customer,
IAG, which already has plenty of slots, is furious at the idea.