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Default Thameslink returns to the Tube Map

NY wrote:
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They presumably hope HM will perform the opening ceremony when "One's"
is formally opened under its official brand. I assume the Elizabeth Line
name will be used once the central tunnel and new stations are opened,
if all the sections don't yet have through services. So that could
this autumn.

I wonder how many people will use the name "Elizabeth Line" in normal
parlance, compared with those that call it "Crossrail [Line]". I bet it
gets abbreviated to "Liz Line" ;-)

Journalists and political people see to be the only ones who use the new
name for the New Severn Bridge. The rest of us still call it the New
Severn Bridge.

Old habits die hard and I'm sure the same will apply to Crossrail for a
long while.

I agree. The first name is the one that sticks in people's minds. If they'd
wanted to called it the Elizabeth Line, they should have used that name from
the start. Having first called it Crossrail, that's the name they should
stick with.

The name changed because 'they' changed. The Elizabeth Line moniker was Al
Kemal's idea, while he was mayor — he's obviously fond of rebranding. I'm
not sure if anyone else was enthusiastic, but it was hard for people to
object publicly.

There is a history of renaming London line: the Bakerloo, Jubilee, Northern
and Piccadilly lines were not the original names for those lines, and
London Overground is also a rebranding of a number of old (mainly 19th
century) lines. Even Thameslink is a 1980s rebranding of an 1866 line that
closed to passengers in 1916.