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Default First two HS2 tunnels completed at Euston

Graeme Wall wrote:
On 28/01/2021 11:26, wrote:
On Thu, 28 Jan 2021 11:11:45 +0000
Roland Perry wrote:
In message , at 10:49:46 on Thu, 28 Jan
Of all the places to prevent HS2 construction happening, Euston would be
right at the bottom of my list. Ancient woodland I can understand but Euston
hasn't been a pleasent cityscape since the 1970s.

I think you'll find that these people mistakenly believe that their
attempts to sabotage the OOC-Euston part of HS2 will result in the
entire project being cancelled.

They're not stupid and know that won't happen so I don't understand what
they're doing. If you're protesting in some woodland or about some trees
there's a reasonable chance you might have some effect and the route is
diverted slightly, its happened in the past with various road projects. But
nothing is going to stop construction at Euston so ... wtf?

It's all about self-publicity.

They interviewed a protester on the radio and he made some fairly valid
points about woodland and reducing travel requirements but blew it all by
saying we already had a railway between London and Birmingham so we didn’t
need another one.


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