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Default London's population drops 8%

Marland wrote:
Recliner wrote:
Marland wrote:
Recliner wrote:

Even when the last Covid restrictions are lifted from London, there may be
a little less bustle on its streets and elbow-jostling at its drinking

Even once the pandemic has ended for the capital, London's population bust
may be one of the longest lasting legacies from the crisis.

As you reside there would this improve it by being a little less frenetic?

No, not really. The 'missing' people are probably East Europeans who
typically worked in the currently shuttered hospitality sector. I hope they
return when the pubs and restaurants reopen, hopefully from April.

My commuting days were long ago, so it doesn't matter to me if the rush
hour trains and buses are packed, as I'm seldom sharing the cramped space.

London *can be an interesting place to be though personally I prefer to
visit as and when though

* London of course is a bit simplistic, We and a relative still does lived
in a part of Chiswick within 5min walking of the District and Piccadilly
lines and equidistant from the well equipped high road and numerous bus
routes that made access inward easy and not far from the roads to the west
that made getting out by car straight forward. Not all areas are like

Yes, that's a popular area to live, apart from the low flying aircraft
landing at Heathrow.

True , but as my relative had a very good career with BOAC/BA it would be
hypocritical to complain.
Now days they seem to fly a bit further South than I remember on visits
back in the 60’s, more over Putney ,Barnes ,Mortlake and an absolute
nuisance at Kew Gardens as you walk around.

It depends on whether they're landing on 27L or 27R.